Better mobility for people in rural areas  

In rural areas, the car is still the means of choice for many citizens to ensure their own mobility. However, there is no shortage of ideas for alternative services. The question is how these services can be practically integrated into people’s everyday life and gain the necessary acceptance. 

One way to achieve smart mobility in rural areas is to set up customer-friendly mobility hubs. They can serve as contact points and hubs where different services, such as public transport and call bus stops or sharing of (e)bikes and scooters, are interlinked. 

In order for the concept to be successful, several requirements must be met. This includes everything from equipment and functionality to modular adaptation to local conditions. The integration into a digital ecosystem with corresponding software for operators and users is also important. 

Our white paper "Ways to smart mobility in rural areas" explains what needs to be considered when designing such mobility hubs and the associated digital ecosystem, and what contribution EDAG can make. You can download the white paper here. 

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