Why Companies Should Take a Chance on Bin Picking

In many production plants, there is a bin containing unsorted small parts which have to be manually transported to the next production step. With the help of camera applications and a robot, the process can be fully automated, regardless of the size of the bin, the shape and number of small parts, or how (un)tidy the parts might be. 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
To date, bin picking has been regarded as the "royal discipline of automation" – complex and difficult to put into effect. New robots and the use of up-to-date IT components have played their part in making the task easier to achieve, at least in technical terms. However, the success of a project of this type still depends on the process being properly designed.
EDAG presents examples of the implementation process of such camera-based robot applications, what advantages the automation of bin picking can offer, and how the efficiency of the overall process can be improved. Download our white paper "Bin Picking is Becoming More Efficient" now.

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