So that Aftersales do not Become a Cost Trap 

The cost of recalls, guarantee and warranty cases can add up to enormous amounts. As the latest figures from 2021 show, the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) required some 3.4 million vehicles to be returned to the repair shop – an action costing the manufacturers concerned several billion euros. Hence their great interest in significantly reducing the number of cases and handling those that remain as efficiently as possible.

The cost structures are as complex as the aftersales services and processes in the automotive industry are diverse. As a result, realizing efficiency potential is a huge challenge. The EDAG Group has developed a cost guide for the aftersales service in the automotive industry. This highlights the most important aspects of aftersales costs and shows services with which EDAG, as an external partner, can offer valuable support.

With its wide range of skills and in-depth experience-based knowledge, the EDAG Group can effectively network various areas and therefore act particularly efficiently. Download our "EDAG Aftersales Cost Guide" here, so that you can benefit as quickly as possible.

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