Aftersales in Times of Digitalization

Not just the drive systems, but also the fittings of vehicles are undergoing fundamental change: Digitalization and connectivity are making their mark, and sensors are supplying vast amounts of data that can be used for assistance systems and autonomous driving. Increasingly, the car is becoming a rolling computer – unfortunately not only with regard to its performance, but also in terms of its susceptibility to errors. There has, for instance, been a sharp rise in the number of vehicle recalls in recent years. As a direct consequence, the cost of putting things right is placing manufacturers under more and more strain, and there is also the threat of damaging brand image, customer confidence and satisfaction.

The high complexity of the vehicle systems and the growing use of software are two of the main reasons for this development, but for anyone wishing to effectively solve the current problems, there are even more points to consider. These can be attributed to development and production on the one hand, and to the downstream processes on the other. For this reason, dealers and service partners need to be involved in finding the appropriate solutions.

The experts at EDAG Engineering and EFS Consulting have together developed an all-round aftersales concept which addresses the high number of recalls while also enabling more efficient processing. In this way, costs and further negative consequences are effectively reduced.

Download our white paper "The Aftersales Strategy Determines the Follow-Up Costs", which goes into the details of the causes of and solutions to the recall problem.

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