Heavy rainfall threatens towns and cities
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Towns not only need to keep an eye on flooding when protecting against extreme weather. They also need to prepare for "heavy rainfall events." Because increasingly the vast amounts of water do not come from rivers and streams but fall from the sky or spread out across streets and fields. That makes prevention and the response difficult should the worst come to the worst.

Extreme rainfall, hailstorms or even supercells are occurring more often due to climate change. They bring vast quantities of rainfall in a short period over a small area – with huge damage and even loss of life in some cases. The time factor is one of the key resources for deploying emergency services in these cases and enabling local residents to protect themselves. This is precisely where EDAG Smart City and Spekter from Herzogenaurach come in.

The Franconian environmental tech company has developed with its heavy rainfall early warning system (EWS) a multi-stage warning and protection concept that identifies heavy rain risks early on and warns government agencies, emergency services and the population via various channels and provides them with key data. It is already up and running in certain towns and cities in various configurations.

Details on the hazards of heavy rainfall, the concept of the EDAG cooperation partner Spekter and how EDAG PS is rolling out the EWS solution now for the first time in an entire district, can be found in our white paper "Helping towns defy the forces of nature." Download it here.

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