Learn from typical occurrences experienced during HRC projects

Human-robot collaboration is the perfect solution if it is possible to combine the human abilities and those of the robot in such a way that the advantages of man and robot can jointly be put to optimum use.

The important thing is to stick to the rules, so as to avoid the most important mistakes relating to HRC applications listed below (Extract):

  • Unrealistic expectations:
    Expecting that the purchase of an HRC-capable robot automatically constitutes a safe HRC application
  • Incorrect strategy:
    Trying to transfer existing production processes to an HRC application without allowing for any changes.
  • Incorrect order:
    First buying an HRC robot and then defining the HRC application to be implemented
  • Purchasing the wrong thing:
    Believing that one HRC robot is very much like another.
  • Unrealistic expectations:
    Any mechanical engineer or automation specialist can provide HRC advice.

How to do it better

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Ten errors made during implementation of the first HRC application

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