A significant portion of a product's CO2eq footprint is determined during the concept phase. This critical stage sets the foundation for the product's environmental impact. Unfortunately, there is often a lack of primary data and LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) expertise to determine the footprint at this early stage. To address this challenge, EDAG has developed a specialized tool that integrates emissions optimisation into technical concept development:

The Quick Life Cycle Assessment Tool

The Quick Life Cycle Assessment (Quick LCA) Tool by EDAG is an innovative solution designed to facilitate lifecycle assessment during the concept phase. This user-friendly, web-based tool allows users to quickly and efficiently compare the CO2eq footprints of various concepts and variants. By integrating sustainability criteria from the beginning, developers can make informed decisions and create more environmentally friendly products.

Advantages of the Quick LCA Tool

  • User-Friendliness: The tool is designed to be accessible to non-LCA experts, offering a low-threshold application that provides valuable insights without the need for deep expertise.
  • Variant Testing and Comparison: Quick LCA enables users to easily test and compare. different concepts and variants, supporting decision-making and fostering innovative and sustainable solutions.
  • Collaborative Project Work: The tool promotes collaborative project work by providing a common platform for evaluating and discussing concepts.
  • Web-Based Tool: As a web-based tool, Quick LCA ensures data accuracy and easy maintenance. It is also expandable, adapting to the specific needs of its users.
  • Early Integration of Sustainability: Emissions criteria can be integrated from the start, maximizing the product's environmental friendliness during the concept phase.
  • Automated Report Generation: Results are summarized in an automatically generated PDF report, facilitating documentation and communication of the findings.

With EDAG's Quick LCA Tool, you can improve not only the environment but also your product development process. Seize the opportunity to reduce your CO2 footprint and set new standards in sustainability.

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