The modern landscape for software projects has one big topic in common: the development and operations (dev / ops) pipeline. It doesn’t matter if a project use the cloud for storage, computing, analytics or onpremise infrastructure, almost every new product on the market uses a build, test and deployment pipeline.

Different project environments, new customer needs, development languages, tools and frameworks, and additional cloud players in different regions and legal requirements will lead to new infrastructure environments. All of these topics not only make the development of the software gets more complex, but also place new demands on the topics of CI/CD pipelining and DevOps.

With our experience in different CI/CD concepts and technologies, we created a dynamic system for scalable, and customizable pipelines that are reusable between different software products.

The Advantages:

  • Cloud based ci/cd for cloud native/cloud only projects or on premise projects
  • fast exchangeable pipeline steps
  • scalable ci/cd pipeline resources
  • regional pipelines
  • “shared ci/cd” container for reusable pipeline actions
  • regional configs for custom-regional requirements
  • a microservice pipeline architecture
  • a possible transformation to a serverless system

Find out more about the CI/CD Pipeline in our webinar "Discovering a containerized CI/CD Pipeline for scaleable and reuseable cloud projects" and register here to watch it!

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