3-star criteria for your certification in accordance with VPAM ERV - with background information on the use of the biofidelic dummy


In our industry, safety has a very special value of its own. To ensure that we can continue to successfully protect people who, on account of their function or profession, require particular protection from attack, a new certification standard "VPAM ERV - edition 3" came into force at the beginning of 2021. The new standard issued by the "Vereinigung der Prüfstellen für angriffshemmende Materialien und Konstruktionen" [Association of Test Laboratories for Attack] contains new evaluation methods and evaluation criteria. An innovation for our sector is the "PRIMUS Breakable®", a biofidelic crash test dummy. The Biofidelic crash test dummy used corresponds approximately to an average adult person as regards its mass distribution, moveability and fracture behaviour of the skeletal structure. An injury assessment is carried out on the basis of an evaluation matrix in accordance with medical criteria, with a resulting rating in line with 3-star criteria.

As an international engineering partner for armoured vehicles, we at EDAG have developed and are offering an on-demand online session to illustrate the amendments to both the evaluation and the certification process.

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  • 30-minute technical presentation with our Defence Manager Tobias Reger and Technical Expert Jan Bohlen
  • Amendments to the certification of armoured vehicles
  • Presentation of the latest edition of the VPAM ERV and amendments to certification in accordance with VPAM ERV
  • Injury assessment with the PRIMUS Breakable®
  • PRIMUS Breakable® in IMPETUS Afea Solver®

We look forward to receiving your registration for our free on-demand online session.

The EDAG Defence Team


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